Mayur Hola
Mayur Hola
head of global brand

Mayur was Boy Browsing because Shauq Badi Cheez Hai. Just ask Baba Sehgal, he’ll sing Little Drops of Joy and feed you Domino’s pizza in Ibiza, Vishwas Karo. When OYO came calling, he gave up the charms of a reserved parking slot, made to order office, wine O’clock and sundry other perks like a velvet magic carpet, the French Riviera and room service.

He shrugged off the chip(s) on his shoulder, stuck out his tongue sideways, rolled up his sleeves, grabbed a towel and strapped himself onto the rocket-fuelled roller coaster that a unicorn is.

At OYO, he heads the global brand. This basically means that if you see or hear something you like from OYO, it’s his fault (kidding, kinda!). But seriously, see in-app creatives, see social across handles and countries, see design and identity, see them in SEA, the UK, US, globally. See the films running in Belgium, Netherlands, in India. See the OYO in Vegas or the one at Times Square. You’ll see a bit of his stellar brand team’s work. And every time you see a troll being slapped on social media by OYO, for saying something nasty about women on OYOs posts, that’s definitely something to look out for. Because that’s what he is most proud of having done.

If you asked gossipy Google, it would reveal without too much prodding or poking that Mayur has designed computer games and published a children's book, reads graphic novels, bakes, surfs, runs and rides bikes. From time to time he can be spotted tickling his daughter and lately she has taken to beating him in Ludo.