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  1. 2020


A Connected Digital Strategy for Sharps 2019


Client:Sharps Bedrooms

How a connected digital strategy across PPC, Social and YouTube harnessed the value of brand activity and turned it into stronger leads and a 20% higher return on spend.

Sharps is a UK-wide bedroom and home office retailer with a strong brand. They briefed Kinase to extend their brand reach into new digital channels, and to find a new way to connect and use their data to grow revenue in 2019. 

Kinase developed an omni-channel integration of lead to sale data and used it to develop a ‘strength of lead’ KPI to enable all optimisation to focus on boosting customer engagement where it would lead to sales.

The results were emphatic. Year on year, leads increased and cost-per-lead decreased. Driven by the new strength of lead KPI, return on advertising spend rose by over 20%. Based on the results, Sharps planned an even more ambitious omni-channel growth strategy for 2020.