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  1. 2020


Taking Flight with Rescue Remedy

Category:Chair's Award


In a society where constant connectivity has made it difficult to switch off, being bombarded by advertising is often seen as adding stress to people’s lives. For a responsible brand like RESCUE, the challenge was engaging people about the product benefits where they experience the need state stress, without being another irrelevant message that overwhelms.

We coupled mobile proximity targeting, our digital channels and dynamic content to serve contextually relevant communications in an underutilised environment – UK Airports. Small and large format digital screens targeted nervous flyers in proximity to Boots stores, with hundreds of creative variations served across the day, tailored to the moment in which they were served.

To maximise engagement, flight data was then used to dynamically optimise creative to deliver contextually relevant copy based on flights preparing for departure, ensuring the RESCUE message resonates with anxious flyers and stressed travellers as they got ready to fly.