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  1. 2020


Permutive and Financial Times: Excelling in a World Without Third-Party Cookies

Category:Best Publisher Innovation

Client:Financial Times

In 2019, the Financial Times (FT) approached data management platform (DMP) Permutive to solve the issue of users going missing. The introduction of privacy-focused laws such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and browser changes, including Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox anti-tracking measures, meant the FT knew it needed a way to keep ahead of changes without losing the ability to target its audiences. 

By switching to Permutive, a solution that doesn’t rely on third-party cookies, the FT can now collect, analyse and activate its entire audience across all devices and browsers. Permutive is built on edge computing, so data is processed on a user’s device, which is more efficient, effective and privacy compliant.