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  1. 2020

Rubicon Project

Rubicon Project for The Drum's Best Overall Technology for Programmatic Trading

Category:Best Overall Technology For Programmatic Trading


At Rubicon Project, we believe that the header isn’t dying, that closed and open systems can coexist. In order to move more quickly and effectively propel the industry towards an open source future, Rubicon Project introduced Demand Manager as Prebid-as-a-service in May 2019. Rubicon Project’s mission to provide access to an open and fair internet follows in parallel with the tools we create. With Demand Manager, Rubicon Project, solves for a bigger challenge and makes the header more relevant than ever. Backed by the Prebid Server, Demand Manager will help to transform header bidding into a truly scalable system that is more efficient for buyers and sellers alike and has greater programmatic guaranteed capabilities. Demand Manager also combines value-add tools and an integrated marketplace with exceptional service.