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  1. 2020


ProSecCo - The Programmatic Security Console

Category:Best Overall Technology For Programmatic Trading

Client:Omnicom Media Group

Managing dozens of campaigns on multiple DSPs, our programmatic traders are hard workers! Their talent and passion are never in doubt, but they need help to make their day-to-day work as efficient as possible. Even then, a large chunk of the campaign management process involves manual tasks that can fall prey to human error. The resulting quality control process eats into a considerable amount of time.

To answer this challenges we developed an automation platform called ProSecCo - The Programmatic Security Console. Replacing work previously taken up by manual checks through automation, ProSecCo automates quality assurance and control. Every day the platform uses a set of rules to scan campaigns settings and highlight any faults for traders to address first thing in the morning. ProSecCo has been a huge success for our activation teams, saving Traders hours every week so they can focus on higher value tasks.