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  1. 2020


Holistic programmatic for higher revenue & better mobile experiences

Category:Best Overall Technology For Programmatic Trading


Programmatic is designed to serve ads faster, more dynamically, and for better publisher results. Marfeel programmatic is designed to make these ads part of the reader experience.

Through measuring user engagement alongside advertising revenue, our programmatic technology is able to find the ‘tipping point’ where advertising starts to affect the likelihood of readers returning.

Through AI-powered placement and density algorithms, server-side header bidding, and a focus on delivering high-speed, fully viewable advertising from the first impression, we are able to generate major growth in publishers’ programmatic revenue.

Our connections with premium ad networks such as Google Ad Exchange, OpenX and Rubicon, as well as partnerships with projects such as, and the IAB Spain, enable us to serve high-quality, brand-safe content in every position.

Since activating Marfeel, Euronews has seen a 207% increase in its programmatic revenue along with major uplift in its main engagement metrics.