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  1. 2020

Cadreon UK

Cadreon UK Unity

Category:Best Overall Technology For Programmatic Trading

Client:Cadreon UK

In a fragmented digital media landscape, with various technology partners all offering their own strength and expertise, Cadreon (IPG’s specialist ad-tech and programmatic technology unit) constantly needs to understand how to choose the most effective technology to execute media campaigns and measure success effectively for their clients. Introducing Unity, Cadreon’s proprietary programmatic platform that unifies technology, operations, workflow and analytics in a single environment.

Unity integrates all the best technologies in the market into one place, streamlining campaign management and reporting of programmatic activities. Unity is designed to ensure efficiencies and simplify the use of on and off line data and reduce media wastage. As Unity has evolved, it has developed to be utilised alongside the already established integration of ad technologies and an IPG built people-based data stack. This data stack is powered by Acxiom, and allows Cadreon to take an audience-first approach to campaign planning.