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  1. 2020


How we Built the First Multi-Channel Fraud Prevention Solution, Making Ad-Fraud Prevention Truly Ubiquitous

Category:Best Cross Device Anti-Fraud Solution


With ad-fraud growing at an alarming rate, spreading across all digital-media channels, the industry was lagging behind, focusing primarily on ad-fraud prevention in programmatic display and video, leaving advertisers exposed across most of their buying channels. That's why CHEQ, winner of the 2019 Best Cross-Device Anti-Fraud solution, decided to launch the first multi-channel solution for ad-fraud, protecting advertisers wherever they buy. In less than a year, CHEQ launched the first verification solution for 3D-console-gaming environments, a cyber-driven click-fraud solution for paid search and paid social, a partnership with Outbrain to cover content recommendation inventory, a partnership with RiskIQ to cover digital threats on direct publisher sites and developed a unique solution for SSAI fraud which was plaguing OTT. The strategic decision to be the first multi-channel ad-fraud solution payed off big, as CHEQ tripled it ARR and was selected as one of CNBC's 100 hottest startups in the world.