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  1. 2020

Vizeum UK x Hoopla: Hiding Our Toys

Category:Best Buy Side Innovation

Christmas is a time of magic but also a time of clutter. Toy advertisers outspend media : sales by 50% in the last weeks before the big day.

The Christmas crush was just not a battle Very could win. Our biggest challenge was our customers just didn’t associate us with the toy category.

Without the physical stores of John Lewis, the brand heritage of Argos, or the budgets of Amazon, we couldn’t win in the traditional battlegrounds of Christmas. 

We needed to create our own rules of engagement to win the battle for parents’ affection and attention at Christmas.

We behaved like kids. We hid our toys.

We hid them in a mobile game – a bespoke AR solution that harnessed the unique power of video games to engage our audience more than any other media format.

And we won Christmas.