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  1. 2020


Now that's Christmas-ing!

Category:Best Attribution Solution

Client:Virgin Media

More Virgin Media customers leave in the new year than at any other time, so our challenge was to improve customer NPS and make every customer feel good about their TV and Broadband provider. On a small budget and with 5.5m customers to reach, we had our work cut out to improve NPS by 2.4pts.

We created an epic Virgin prize giveaway MC’ed by drag queen Cheryl Hole: essentially, she took over the whole brand for a month with the express aim of putting the magic back into Virgin Media’s relationship with its customers.

Our channel strategy, a first for Virgin Media, leveraged every single customer touchpoint including one-to-one, paid and owned social, retail outlets, using the TV itself, plus leveraging Cheryl Hole’s influencer status. This resulted in every single customer seeing the campaign 128 times (some might say stalking, we like to think wooed).

Long live the Queen!