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  1. 2020

Kingpin Communications

Generating qualified demand for BAE Systems in the cybersecurity space, delivering 613% ROI on pipeline value


Client:BAE Systems

BAE Systems reached out to Kingpin with the aim of generating awareness, demand and qualified marketing leads for the three core areas of BAE Systems Applied Intelligence products and services: Cybersecurity Services, Managed Security Services & Digital Data Services.

Kingpin built and executed a two-month, high impact digital demand and awareness programme for BAE Systems targeted at key personas within the cybersecurity space. Overall 23 media partners were utilised, generating 2,916,558 total impressions, 8,248 ‘Expressions of Interest’ and a Click Through Rate 200% above industry average. 

To qualify leads, engagement data was captured at an account-level using a range of marketing technology solutions and scored based on quality and quantity of engagements to generate Marketing Qualified Accounts for sales follow up. 

The programme was significant in generating business growth across key geographies for BAE Systems, resulting in 613% return on pipeline value.