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  1. 2020

The Think Tank

Asendia 7 Destinations



Asendia, a leading international e-commerce and mail delivery business, briefed The Think Tank to devise a strategic campaign, across six countries to raise awareness of the Asendia brand. Based upon market research we developed a campaign that focussed upon seven key destinations where there were opportunities for international e-tailers.

The campaign promoted a range of content, including market research reports about each destination, blog posts and other guides, all held on destination pillar and landing pages.

The campaign was designed to meet the goals of raising brand awareness, encouraging interaction and nurturing prospects from discovery to consideration and conversion. The campaign combined email marketing with online advertising through LinkedIn, Native and Google Display Network, utilising marketing automation to nurture prospects and deliver leads.

Results over 8-week campaign (28th Oct 2019 – 18th Dec 2019):


1,432 sales leads

Organic traffic increase of 30%

Direct traffic increase of 200%