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  1. 2020


New Look drives 4x more orders from new customers thanks to Criteo Customer Acquisition

Category:Most Effective Use Of Data

Client:Criteo & New Look

Criteo’s Customer Acquisition technology drove 4x more orders than New Look had seen from any of its other acquisition partners. The partnership delivered a 62% new and inactive customer rate due to increased engagement at a CPO that had been reduced by 74%, bringing New Look to a wider audience while remaining cost effective.


New Look, one of the UK’s leading fashion retailers, was searching for a way to improve its online sales and revenue. While it already had a strong lower-funnel strategy implemented, there was a clear need to increase engagement with new audiences and create even more loyal brand followers.


In its search for a customer acquisition partner to improve its upper-funnel strategy, New Look made the strategic decision to partner with Criteo, making use of its Customer Acquisition technology. Analysing the anonymised shopping data of over 1.2bn active monthly shoppers, the technology used machine learning to intelligently apply insights to New Look’s customer acquisition strategy.


Assigning a unique score to prospective shoppers based on their propensity to buy, Criteo’s Customer Acquisition would then serve sponsored product recommendations to those most likely to engage and convert, delivering a host of new customers for New Look.