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  1. 2020


Taking Audio Truly Programmatic in 2017

Category:Most Effective Programmatic Media Partnership

Client:OMGP UK

OMGP UK, the Programmatic arm of Omnicom Media Group UK, worked closely with AdsWizz’s business, technical and ad ops teams in 2017 to run more than 100 programmatic audio campaigns in the UK. OMGP has taken full advantage of AdsWizz technology built specifically for digital audio and designed to deliver innovative and pioneering audio solutions for its clients.

Together, the teams focused on creating new audio advertising experiences that are more relevant and engaging for listeners through better targeting, holistic publisher management, innovative formats and creative delivery. This unique approach succeeded because it was based on trust, collaboration, openness, and thoughtful direct communication, as well as a continued commitment to delivering success. It was only possible because of OMGP UK’s unmatched creativity and drive for innovative new approaches and AdsWizz’s leadership and openness to continue driving innovation in digital audio through new integrations and platform development. Ongoing growth of client adoption of these developing audio solutions and opportunities will move the audio industry forward as the market explodes.

This submission includes overviews from multiple campaigns, as it is the breadth, scope and continued positive collaboration across multiple campaigns that makes this such an effective programmatic media partnership. Throughout 2017 OMGP has been able to deliver new audio solutions at scale such as footfall, dynamic creative, granular audience targeting, bespoke audience creation and precise location targeting.