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  1. 2020


Criteo Identity Graph

Category:Best Attribution Solution


Travel Republic, one of the leading online travel agents in the UK, needed a more accurate understanding of the role that each of its channels plays in the journeys of its customers. To achieve this, it partnered with Criteo to accurately map its shoppers across multiple digital devices and touchpoints. Criteo’s User Graph would enable the company to accurately assess the effectiveness of its holistic marketing strategies through thorough application of its customers’ browsing and buying data.


Criteo’s User Graph allowed Travel Republic to anonymously recognise shopper profiles across all devices and platforms, meaning that it no longer needed to rely on device-centric metrics that weren’t providing an accurate picture of each shopper. Making use of the insights provided by the wealth of data Criteo’s User Graph analyses, Travel Republic was able to chart the user journey more accurately than ever before.


With a clearer picture of its customers’ journey, Travel Republic was able to identify which areas of its current marketing strategy were more effective across all touchpoints, and identify new opportunities within the customer journey for targeted marketing. This led to a re-evaluation of all marketing channels, resulting in a general optimisation process which saw many readjustments in budget, leading to greater efficiencies in the marketing budget as a whole.