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  1. 2020

Maxus Global UK

The ‘One Barclays’ approach to unlocking growth

Category:Best Use Of Performance


Prior to 2016 Maxus had successfully developed Barclay’s programme by focusing relentlessly on acquisition growth through strong commercial negotiations and market-leading products. However as the industry became more regulated, personalised and technologically sophisticated, Maxus foresaw the need to adapt their approach to planning and buying to sustainably grow Barclays digital performance throughout 2016 and beyond.

With this notion, Maxus were set YoY acquisition growth targets of 5% for credit cards and to double volumes across Mortgages and Current Accounts – Barclays’ flagship products. Furthermore targets would need to be achieved through a ‘One Barclays’ approach of unifying each Barclays divisions to create cross-product opportunities which were built on Technology, Effectiveness and Data (TED).

With the TED technical architecture in place; Maxus overlaid aggregator, cross-channel and Barclays’ business insights to provide a clear context for 2016 to successfully execute our strategy. It was subsequently agreed that the three core ‘One Barclays’ executions would be personalisation, mid-funnel influence & data led cross-sell.

Through the detailed implementation across each execution Maxus were able to generate incremental growth in an entirely new way. The outcomes that followed were significant with YoY Affiliate channel acquisitions increasing by [10%, 134%, 125% across credit cards, current accounts and mortgages respectively] Judges eyes only. A feat which hadn’t been achieved together for the channel in over five years

As a result, Maxus fundamentally changed Barclays’ approach to planning & execution; focusing not price or product but instead on TED.

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