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  1. 2020

Maxus Global UK

Barclaycard turns 50

Category:Best Branding Campaign


In 2016 Barclaycard turned 50 years old. To celebrate this event Maxus were tasked with planning and executing a multi-channel campaign to celebrate the shoppers and shopkeepers who had supported the brand over that past 50 years.

We challenged ourselves to differentiate this celebration from the plethora of traditional anniversary campaigns of the last few years. To celebrate the active role shoppers and shopkeepers had in Barclaycards history, our ambition was to create the most engaging and interactive campaign ever seen in the finance vertical

The breadth of collaboration was unprecedented for Barclaycard: working with multiple publishers and creative agencies to create a bespoke content hub that collected data and powered hyper relevant and regionalised dynamic executions, quizzes and games.

[Our innovative execution lead to a 4% uplift in total market spontaneous consideration of Barclaycard and a 7% uplift in connection with existing customers, far exceeding targets and benchmarks set. With social channels driving over 50% of all website traffic across the campaign – Judges eyes only], Barclaycard are now fully investing into a future whereby Facebook in particular, is viewed as not only a supporting channel for brand activity, but one which can drive tangible business results and growth.