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  1. 2020


Proving Paid Social as an eCommerce Channel

Category:Best Paid Social Campaign


AllSaints’ bottom line was sales: they wanted to hit an ROI of 3 with the activity they ran. However, as with many advertisers, they saw Paid Social as a brand awareness channel, to reach their target audience of young affluent urbanites.

We believed that Facebook’s position as a “discovery channel” could be used not only to help expose potential customers to the latest products and ranges, but as a direct response platform to drive sales.

Our opportunity came with the launch of Allsaints’ Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. We identified 3 key challenges that we would meet with our Facebook campaign.

  • Create awareness outside of London, where people were less familiar with the brand
  • Drive traffic through to the eCommerce site to encourage discovery
  • Facilitate new customer acquisition and increase average basket order values amongst existing customers

By proving Facebook as a strong DR platform, we were able to sell in Paid Social as an Always On investment channel for AllSaints.