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  1. 2020

Yahoo! UK

#FaceForward- Yahoo, Tumblr and Clinique

Category:Best Paid Social Campaign


Yahoo and Tumblr worked with Clinique to increase brand perception amongst their target audience of Millennials. Clinique wanted to challenge the perception that Clinique was for older women, by positioning themselves as a modern, approachable and current brand. They did this by producing engaging and inspiring content, which was both high quality and highly shareable, that would resonate with their target audience. 
Yahoo created a Tumblr page with the title #FaceForward, with the ambition of creating a movement for looking forward and inspiring themselves and others in the process. User generated content and sponsored posts drove traffic to this campaign.
This campaign was a huge success for Clinique. Yahoo successfully reached Clinique’s target audience of Millennials, gaining over 36 million impressions throughout the duration of the campaign. Most impressively, 38% of the total engagements on the Clinique Tumblr site were earned. Not only did the client not pay for this engagement, but it means the audience were extremely engaged with the content on the site.