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  1. 2020

Xaxis UK ltd

Xaxis MGeo (Audience Location Targeting)

Category:Best Mobile Campaign

Client:Morrisons & MEC

The rising consumer demand for seasonal fruit and vegetables compelled leading UK supermarket, Morrisons & MEC, to devise a campaign to highlight the availability of its fresh, local produce. The retailer recognised that a mobile-only campaign would be the most effective way to capture consumer attention when on the move and most likely to make a purchase in store. It also aimed to maximise relevance for the consumer by only targeting those within a close proximity to Morrisons’ stores. In association with Xaxis’ MGEO solution, Morrisons & MEC created a mobile-focused ad campaign that showcased fresh produce in three week-long bursts, promoting Jersey Royal potatoes, asparagus, and strawberries respectively.

Using M-GEO’s advanced targeting abilities, high-impact creative was served to consumers located within a 15-minute drive of one of Morrison’s 504 stores nationwide. Reaching over 146 apps and sites approved by Morrisons, campaign performance was measured via an unbranded, rich media survey sent to participants before and after seeing the ads. The results by far exceeded expectations; not only was the original objective achieved with an increase in brand awareness of 12%, click-through rates also grew by 20% between the first and second week of the ads being served alone.

By constantly tracking ad effectiveness, noting times of peak performance and the areas of highest activity, Xaxis was able to give Morrisons and MEC a unique insight into consumer activities. This data provided a clear view of the optimum time, day, and device, to reach consumers and the locations where ads created the most significant impact.