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  1. 2020


Find the perfect lingerie for Every Body

Category:Paid Search

Client:Pour Moi

We took over management of Pour Moi’s paid search and Shopping activity in August 2018. Our main KPI was to help Pour Moi grow their business by 28.5% through a multi-channel approach. In actual fact, Propellernet are already on course to hugely exceed that very high growth objective.

We focused on assessing the as yet untapped potential of paid media in driving growth and in these 6 months paid revenue has increased seen a YoY increase of 113%.

Using a combination of Search and Shopping on both Bing and Google we increased Pour Moi’s revenue by 175% since launching. This is all while not running Pure Brand terms which previously had been the majority of the Search campaign.

As a result of this work in the first 4 weeks, we secured additional budget to seize more of the market opportunity, driving impressive increases in conversions and revenue at a significantly lower cost per conversion. Due to this impact, Pour Moi awarded us their paid social activity in September and paid social sales and revenue are now up 89% YoY.