Consultant & Founder
Rabbit & Hare

With over 19 years experience in Digital Advertising working for some of the biggest Adtech names UK & Worldwide my main focus has always been around 2 areas: Creative & technology. I have experience across a plethora of platforms & systems and find it fascinating how they are or could be connected. Tech & creativity may not be a natural fit but does using technology mean you cannot be creative?

These days I spend a lot of my time educating brands, clients, employees or anyone who is interested on the wild eco system of the online advertising world. I attempt to demystify the acronym crazy industry and how it all fits together.
The rest of my time is taken up running Rabbit & Hare, a digital marketing agency I founded with my business partner Rob Ryan. We craft digital experiences for some of the world’s biggest (and smallest) brands.

"This is one of the most prestigious awards you can enter which means the level of creativity, strategy & ingenuity the entries display is huge. It's a great opportunity for companies to showcase their work in an appreciative environment, the awards always provide a bit of healthy competition pushing people do to their absolute best and in my eyes this can never be a bad thing. For me the winning entries must have a story that ties the concept and end result together, obviously I am looking for uniqueness and creativity along with performance of the campaign but the communication and the story are essential."

Judging panel

David Goddard

Global Head of Programmatic Trading

Nigel Gilbert

VP of strategic development

Paul Gubbins

Programmatic Lead

Fern Potter

Managing Partner

Julia Smith

Independant Digital Consultant

Niki Stoker

Consultant & Founder
Rabbit & Hare

Lloyd Greenfield

Client Partner
The Programmatic Advisory

Jessica Barrett

Global Head of Programmatic
Financial Times